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Help Us Find These Rugs!

We are looking for pictures of the rugs below to feature on
If you or someone you know has hooked one of these rugs,
please send an email with: 

* Photo attached
* Name of rug hooker
* City/State of rug hooker

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Rug Pattern Name Designer/Collection 
12 More Hearts Barbara Carroll
1668 GEOMETRIC Edyth O'Neill
1790 Eagle Edyth O'Neill
1830 Farm Animals Keeping the Past Alive
1830 Jersey Pineapples Barbara Carroll 
1830 Pineapple Pair Barbara Carroll 
1845 Farmyard Keeping the Past Alive
1849 Hesse Giraffes Barbara Carroll
1855 Cranston Barbara Carroll 
1920 Stags, Large Keeping the Past Alive
1920 Stags, Small Keeping the Past Alive
American Fish Carol Endres
Animal Fun Keeping the Past Alive
Animals on Parade  Carol Endres
Apple Pie Flag Warren Kimble
Barb's Frosty Doorstop Barbara Carroll 
Barn Star Six Barbara Carroll 
Barn Star Three Barbara Carroll 
Beauteous Beast Keeping the Past Alive
Best Friend Barbara CarrollC
Bobbie’s Horse Barbara Carroll 
Bobbie’s Snow Lady Doorstop Barbara Carroll
Bountiful Blossoms Keeping the Past Alive
Brandon Barnyard Warren Kimble
Busy Bunnies, Large Warren Kimble 
Busy Bunnies, Small Warren Kimble 
Cabbage Rose Keeping the Past Alive
Catch of the Day  Warren Kimble
Christmas Garden Edyth O'Neill
Cliff Warren Kimble
Clinton Courthouse Barbara Carroll 
Close Enough for Jazz Barbara Carroll
Coastal Breeze Warren Kimble
Cora & Bentley Keeping the Past Alive
Coral Barbara Carroll
Country Gentlemen Barbara Carroll
Cowboy Up Keeping the Past Alive
Cricket House Edyth O'Neill
English Flower Garden Barbara Carroll
Fat Cat Barbara Carroll
February Hearts Barbara Carroll
Floating Spheres Purse Barbara Carroll
Folksy Ponies Keeping the Past Alive
Forever Floral Keeping the Past Alive
Four Up Quilt Barbara Carroll
From the Heart Barbara Carroll
Good Time Barbara Carroll
Gossip Barbara Carroll
Granny Donaldson’s Family Keeping the Past Alive
Great Gait Keeping the Past Alive
Gumdrop Pocket Purse, Mini Barbara Carroll
Gumdrop Pocket Purse, Small Barbara Carroll
Hannah’s Star Bed Rug Barbara Carroll
Happy Hearts Purse Barbara Carroll 
Hearts & Stripes Pocket Purse, Mini Barbara Carroll
Hearts & Stripes Pocket Purse, Sm Barbara Carroll
Herr Bird Barbara Carroll
Holly Purse Barbara Carroll
Jack, Jack & Jack, Mat Barbara Carroll
Keeper of the Garden Barbara Carroll
King of Coverlets Barbara Carroll
Less is More Barbara Carroll
Liberty School House Barbara Carroll
Lichty Birds Barbara Carroll
Magdalena Chair Pad - Crow Magdalena Briner
Magdalena's Animal Collection Magdalena Briner
Magdalena’s Folk Art Horse, Mat Keeping the Past Alive
May Flowers Pocket Purse. Mini Barbara Carroll
Mountains & Valleys Keeping the Past Alive
Muriel’s Garden Keeping the Past Alive
Odd Fellows Barbara Carroll
Pere Noel Barbara Carroll
Posie Basket Keeping the Past Alive
Pumpkin Dreams Warren Kimble
Purse, Floating Spheres Barbara Carroll
Purse, Gumdrop, Mini Barbara Carroll
Purse, Gumdrop, Small Barbara Carroll
Purse, Happy Hearts Barbara Carroll
Purse, Happy Hearts, Mini Barbara Carroll
Purse, Hearts & Stripes, Mini Barbara Carroll
Purse, Hearts & Stripes, Small Barbara Carroll
Purse, Holly Barbara Carroll
Purse, Magdalena’s Animal Barbara Carroll 
Purse, May Flowers, Mini Barbara Carroll
Purse, May Flowers, Small Barbara Carroll 
Purse, Star 2 Barbara Carroll 
Purse, Tennessee Posies Barbara Carroll 
Purse, The Wool Sisters Barbara Carroll 
Purse, The Wool Sisters, Mini Barbara Carroll 
Purse, The Wool Sisters, Small Barbara Carroll 
Ramsey  Barbara Carroll
Ride Away Edyth O'Neill 
Safe Passage (17 x 62) Barbara Carroll 
Safe Passage (22 x 83) Barbara Carroll 
Safe Passage (34 x 108) Barbara Carroll 
Star Z Purse Barbara Carroll 
Starry Birdhouse  Warren Kimble
Stockings Edyth O'Neill
Tally Ho Keeping the Past Alive
Purse, Tennessee Posies Barbara Carroll 
The Gift is Small, the Love is Great Barbara Carroll 
Tip-Toe Barbara Carroll 
Trady Lady Barbara Carroll 
Trick or Treat Barbara Carroll 
Vermont Cow Warren Kimble 
Watching Over Ewe Carol Endres
Watermelon Flag Warren Kimble 
Weaver's Heart Barbara Carroll 
When You're Wrong Barbara Carroll 
Windsor Edyth O'Neill 
Purse, The Wool Sister's Barbara Carroll 
Purse, The Wool Sister’s, Mini Barbara Carroll 
Purse, The Wool Sister’s, Small Barbara Carroll 
York Edyth O'Neill 
Zoar Barbara Carroll